Hi, my Name is Thomas (alias „Chip Ray“).

I´m a Musician from Cologne Germany. Basically, I am a Songwriter and a Producer. I started making music back in the nineteens and since than i did a lots of different Styles and Genres, like Film Score, Some Folk Records, Electronic Music, Jingles, Punk Rock, R´n´B, German LoFi Pop, some musical Versions of Poems and other Stuff.
I do contract Work as well, but most of the time i´am busy recording and arranging my own Stuff, or i help Friends to bring there Ideas to Life.

Every time, when i hear something new and inspiring, i try to figure out how its been made and why it works and i always have bean interested in nearly all kinds of Music, that’s why i did so much different Stuff.

I also play Live Shows. At the Moment i have a Project running called „1Mega“. It´s a Friend of mine and me, playing different kinds of Music, all wrapped up together to some kind of Theatre/Comedy Show.

You can find some of my Stuff above in the „Discography“ Section. And just click on „Home“ to hear my latest Songs.

Thanks for listening,


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